We deliver innovative and engaging employee benefit programmes to SME and dynamic growth start-ups, focusing on the technology and service sectors.


Engaged employees are more productive, take less sick leave, are more innovative and will provide a better experience for your customers.*

Employees become engaged when they see how their efforts fit in with their personal goals and the business’s goals.

*Source: GALLUP

We strive to transform the way Employee Benefits are perceived by employers and employees alike. We recognise that all businesses have different needs, whether national or international, and our tailored solutions add value by being adaptable and affordable.

The programmes we implement will help establish the true value of your Employee Benefits package firmly in the minds of your employees. Online communication and administration portals allow us to take your Employee Benefits to a new level of personal interaction and choice.

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About Us

We specialise in the design, administration and communication of fixed and flexible employee benefit programmes.


Our Services

Our advisory services cover a range of employee benefits, from the core products to the latest self-help and motivational policies.


How We Help

We’ll help you motivate and retain your employees, make it easier for you to recruit new staff and we’ll help reduce your costs.



  • “We are delighted to be working with Infinite Choice, who share the firm’s vision to the continuing development of employee engagement and motivation via flexible, personalised benefit programmes.”

    Becky Hosken
    COODES: One of the leading law firms in Cornwall and Devon and the longest established firm in the region.
  • “I was struggling to find a way to reward my staff, everything on offer seemed too big and too expensive for a growing company, but then I found Infinite Choice! The lifestyle option is perfect for us, it has something for everyone in the team and was so cheap to create. Setting up was so simple, with Richard, Mel and the team offering first class support all the way. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”


    Kat George
    OH SO SOCIAL: International, multi-award winning Social Media and Digital Marketing experts


Employee Benefits

Scheme design, product source, provider negotiation, scheme implementation and management.

Enrich your employees’ lives with better benefits

Flexible Benefits

Feasibility studies, employee surveys, plan design and independent technology reviews. Benefit broking, administration, communication, voluntary benefits and wellness strategies.

Choose a bespoke benefits programme to fit your needs

Complimentary Benefit Healthchecks

Strategic planning meetings, annual benefit reviews and implementation plans with budgets and time-scales.

Our team make it easy for you, every step of the way

We’ll help you motivate and retain your employees, make it easier for you to recruit staff and we’ll significantly reduce your costs.